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Brand: Abdi Ibrahim
Product Code: GSLDRFV
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Manufacturer: Abdi Ibrahim
Substance: Levothyroxine Sodium
Packing: 100 tabs. (100 mcg/tab)

Levotiron is the least powerful of the two drugs most popular thyroid replacement on the market. It is synthetic T4, and is actually the most prescribed medication for the thyroid in the United States, but the least used of the thyroid drugs are popular among bodybuilders. If you have naturally low T3 levels, then you may be able to supplement with T4, and have it convert to T3 through the natural pathways of your body, which means the enzyme deiodinase. However, there have been a number of studies have shown that during reduced calorie intake and / or when carbohydrate intake is drastically reduced, levels of deiodinase decline, hindering the conversion of T4 to T3 physiologically active. So if you are dieting (which necessarily means that you have a reduced caloric intake and / or reduce levels of carbohydrates), then you have less deiodinase enzyme (still with me) And, therefore, that T4 is taking hoping to get it to convert to T3, it is becoming. This is not what we want, of course, and that is why most dieters include Cytomel pre-competition in the drug regimen instead of Levotiron. In fact, Levotiron can be particularly harmful for dieters in cyclical ketogenic diets.

When you make a living out of your body, like many fitness models, models and bodybuilders do, it is too casual to trust Levotiron. This is especially true if you are not monitoring your basal body temperature or (preferably) shelling out money for a thyroid function test every month.

Compared with Cytomel, Synthroid requires much higher dose to be effective.Most bodybuilders do not exceed 100mcgs Cytomel during a precontest of diet phase, but at doses significantly higher Levotiron up to achieve the same results. From interviews I've done with bodybuilders who have used Levotiron, I've heard that using least 300mcgs/day. When compared to the mere 25-100mcgs/day Cytomel that bodybuilders often use, we have another strike against Levotiron. Actually it is not economically feasible Levotiron much and remain profitable, at least compared to Cytomel. To give a fair estimate, you could run an effective dose of both Cytomel and Clenbuterol for the same price as an effective dose of Levotiron.

Advice? Use it if you must, but only if that is the case, and you can not get or Cytomel Tricana. It works, and eventually reach the desired body temperature for optimal fat burning, but just not as elegant as the Tricana less suppression, or Cytomel more effective.


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